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Whoever you are and however you found me, welcome to my spot on the Internet! I have information here for scholars and students.

Professional Experience

I am professor and head of Language Studies at John Brown University My short CV.

earth Of Note: I was a keynote speaker at the TAAAL (ICT's and Autonomy Applied to Language Learning) conference in May, 2004 in Spain. This is the article from this presentation.

From September, 1998 to August, 1999 I was a visiting professor at Dokkyo University in Saitama, Japan. My homepage there. I taught Business Communications and Business English in the Faculty of Economics. I went back each summer 2000-2006 to do special courses.

As my CV indicates, I spent three years teaching English in Japan and I enjoyed my return because some of the best EFL work in the world is being done here. The best indication of this is the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT).

At Washington State University during the 1991-1998 period I directed the Language Learning Resource Center which serves students enrolled in Foreign Languages and Literatures classes.

I have consulted for institutions and publishers concerning the use of technology in language learning. In all my work I try to draw on insights from the field of my doctoral studies, Educational Communications and Instructional Technology. I highly recommend the Theory Into Practice Database for those who would like to know more about this field. The ITForum is a place where many issues are hashed out online.

I have served as a Systems Portfolio Appraiser and a Quality Checkup Visitor for the Academic Quality Improvement Project of the Higher Learning Commission.

In addition to my academic work, I have worked as a mental health paraprofessional in clinical and adult residential settings at Ozark Guidance. I have counseled at JBU's CARE Clinic in Siloam Springs.  I am a Licensed Associate Counselor in Arkansas.


Professional Links

FLTeach is a premier site with many links.

ACTFL is the leading professional organization in this field.

The Center for Applied Linguistics is a clearinghouse on language acquisition research.

CARLA, the The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, is a federally-funded entity which has done much work on language learning strategies.

Language, Linguistics, and Area Studies, a British site.

Jim Becker's page is a good resource for K-12 teachers.

The International Association for Language Learning Technology is the main organization for those who direct language learning resource centers.

CALICO and EUROCALL are two organizations dedicated to the integration of technology and language learning/teaching.

The Dictionary Society of North America.

Professional articles and bibliographies

The Lognostics page, maintained by Paul Meara, has many good links related to vocabulary.  Rob Waring has posted some of his vocabulary papers and a huge bibliography here.

The BISAL journal from Birkbeck College has many articles related to language teaching and learning.

Language and Linguistics Compass is an online collection of survey articles.

Autonomy and Independence in Language Learning contains an extensive bibliography.

Bibliography about tandem learning from the University of Bochum in Germany.

The PLAN bibliography covers language learning strategies and self-access centers.

A large CALL bibliography.

Another CALL bibliography compiled by two Japanese scholars.

The history of CALL.

Bibliografía temática de la lexicografía


My reflections on the educational use of technology and my teaching philosophy.

I tell all my students to be sure they know the ABCs of language learning.

Learning a language is about learning vocabulary. Quotes from a classic article by Dwight Bolinger.

Outlines of two important articles on vocabulary by Rod Ellis and Batia Laufer which I prepared for my students. Some ideas on vocabulary notebooks.

I believe it is impossible to overemphasize the importance of listening in language learning. A good essay on listening and technology by my acquaintance, the legendary Tennessee Bob Peckham. Listening in Language Learning by David Nunan.

An excellent description of the Silent Period Hypothesis.

I promote the use of dictation every chance I get! The link has a good quote on the subject from a century ago which elegantly lists the merit of this technique.

A quote on the subject of pronunciation.

A Miscellany

Thomas Merton, André Siegfried, and Rollo Brown on France and the French.

Some of my thoughts on teaching English in Japan and a brief bibliography about Japan.

I am very interested in the great educator, John Amos Comenius.

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